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The security and strengthening of systems networks, among other things, is critical in IT security. At INVESICS we are dedicated to securing the IT infrastructure and providing a shield of the secured cyber environment by providing best-in-class network security and VAPT service in INDIA.

Network Security Audit, VAPT company in india
Network Security Audit, VAPT company in india

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What Is a Network Security Audit?

A network security audit involves an in-depth review of your information technology systems, analyzing each component's adherence to your established security standards. This process helps identify potential vulnerabilities in your network, allowing you to take necessary precautions to enhance your security posture. By conducting a network security audit, you can pinpoint areas where your system's security may be insufficient, and take necessary steps to mitigate any risks.

A typical infrastructure audit is a technical review that determines the present state of your systems, applications, and network in order to determine their performance. The audit verifies that all systems are performing properly in accordance with your business requirements.

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Compilances Covered

Our security audits are based on industry-accepted standards like BS7799 and CoBIT, as well as industry and country-specific legislative requirements. All aspects of security, including people, processes, and technology, are covered by the auditing method. Our security experts have all of the necessary security certifications, including CISSP, CISA, and ISO 27001 LA.

Network Security Audit, VAPT company in india

Our Methodology

Network Security Audit

Device and OS identification
Determine both manage and unmanaged active devices and all operating system on the network.
Review Security Policies and regulations
Document all current security policies. Also, review the updated network architecture diagram.
Review IT Infrastructure
Re-evaluate activity log to cross-check necessary security safety producers are followed by IT staff
Risk Assessment
Identify sensitive data from the system and relative security loopholes from organization's point of view.
Firewall Configuration
Searches for vurnabities in your security defenses.
Conduct Penetration Testing
Perform network pentesting. The generated report shows the vulnerabilities.

Why organizations have worked with us?

Our value proposition is our custom-made services. Yes, we agree that one size fits all, but we believe that each organization has its own set of requirements that do not suit the one-size-fits-all model. As a result, we tailor our services to each client's needs and place an emphasis on manually validating any false positives. A keen mind can uncover what machines can't. Another feather in our cap is end-to-end service. Following the completion of a project, we give support with all security requirements.

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